The First Step

Hi, and welcome to this blog! I'm Seif (I usually go by Oblait), localization director and translator at Eternal Dream Arabization, a team of translators, programmers, and designers who specialize in localizing video games into Arabic.

I decided to start this blog after sitting on the idea for a while asking myself one question: Do I have enough self control to commit to this?
The answer was no by the way. Still, it doesn't hurt to try.

But I'm guessing there's another, more important question on your mind right now - What's this blog about?
Good question. At this point, I don't really know either.

Let's start with this then: It's mainly a space to discuss translation and localization generally, Arabic game localization particularly, and my team's projects in greater detail outside of social media.

I plan on starting out with a series on some of our releases titled "How *GAME* was localized into Arabic"; where I go into the nitty-gritty of our methodology and how it adapts to each project's needs with segments from our staff talking about their experience working on these games.

I'll eventually cover a wider range of subjects once we get the ball rolling on our first series depending on the suggestions and ideas I get along the way.

I'm mainly writing these in Arabic for Arabic speaking audiences, but hopefully, I'll have the time to provide an English translation of every case study I write since they can be very useful for both Devs wanting to get an idea about the challenges of Arabic support and fellow translators of other pairs alike.

For any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me on Twitter

Until the next one!